About Us

We grew up in the service industry

We know what it’s like to run a service business. Every day has a new challenge. We know first hand how technology can help us. So we are bringing our experience to Lawn Care. Our experience begins in the Moving Industry. We first opened up our doors in 2014 and quickly realized how important an advantage technology can be. It helped keep us organized and quick. Communication is key! We want to give you a way to improve your business.

What excites us at Perennial? You do! We love helping other business owners succeed.  We have all had a helping hand in our day.  We want to be there for you EVERY day.  We are only successful if you are so we are with you every step of the day.  If we are missing the mark and can do something to help you improve, we want to know about it.  

Our Partners

Who we work with

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Our Philosophy

Why we do what we do

We are here to share our experience and help you grow. We are focused on not just your business, but your life. We know how much time it takes to run a small business and the drain it can have on personal life. We are here to improve your life as a whole.

We are here to save you time and increase your profits. We want to help you automate your business. That will give you time to improve your sales and marketing and train your crews. Most importantly, it will give you the freedom to spend time with your friends and family while we help run the business in the background.

Our Mighty Team

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Power. Profit. Perennial.

Get started today and automate your business.