A single solution to automate your business

Perennial was created to solve the biggest problems lawn care owners have — so you can eliminate the waste and aggravation, and grow your business.

Easy-to-Use Dashboards

Using multiple tools? Or still, using pen and paper? Everything you need to increase productivity is in one place. Unique Dashboards keep sales and operations organized and efficient. Perennial allows you to access every part of your business with just a click.

Sales And Marketing

Increase conversions through automatic follow-ups, recommended services, marketing campaigns, referral programs and more.


Automate your scheduling and routing to increase daily jobs. We also have GPS integration, supplies tracking and equipment maintenance tracking.


Payroll is managed automatically thru our Field Services App. Employees can track their schedule, hours and time off. No more tracking down hours!

Field service

Be on each crews job virtually thru our field service app. Monitor and track progress. Your crews can communicate progress with the clients and send before/after pics automatically.

Know Your Numbers

We make understanding of costing and profitability a breeze. Our metrics package will help you understand the health of your business. From a single job up thru your entire operation, these figures are presented in an easy to read format.

Customer Portal

Impress clients with their customer portal to view past and upcoming jobs and send them recommendations for future services. Customers can now pay you directly and automatically after each job. Impress. Convert. Execute.

Estimating Made Easy

Want to increase revenue and convert more customers? Send accurate quotes to your customers in a matter of seconds, without ever having to leave your home or office.

Lot Measurement

Draw mulch beds and lot perimeters to instantly calculate the volume and square feet/acreage. This data is saved for each customer for easy use.

Customer Portal

Each quote gets sent right to the customer online thru their portal. Increase your conversion with instant quotes and professional and personalized quote templates.

Sales Templates

Build out your various services in our template builder for quick and accurate estimates. Draft email templates to go along with your quotes for lightning fast turn around time and communication.

Upsells and Refferals

Recommend additional services or products within your quote on each customer's portal. Send seasonal emails to all past customers for add-on services throughout the year and set up referral programs to increase revenue.

Integrated with the tools you use

We make sure the rest of the tools you use are integrated within our work flows for a smooth and efficient work day.

Power. Profit. Perennial.

Get started today and automate your business.