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We are offering a 90-DAY FREE TRIAL to our first 20 subscribers!
After those 90 days, your price is only $99/month for the rest of the first year!

Standard Pricing Plan


Included: EVERYTHING Unlimited Users* Unlimited Functionality** Up to 300 SMS Need more? Talk to us!

* Unlimited access and availability is subject to fair and reasonable use provisions contained in the Perennial Terms and Conditions. + API Usage is measured as the number of API calls made to the Perennial  API each calendar month. Additional usage above the base calls included in the plan is considered heavy usage and is subject to additional charges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We are a brand new program and we want to be sure that we hit the mark.  So we are offering an extended free trial for THREE MONTHS to our first 20 users.  We value your feedback so much and we want to understand what you like and what you do not like.  We want to know what features we need to add, change or even delete!  Our initial promotion subscribers will have the unique ability to help us customize the tool around your business.  Because we value your input, we are not stopping there.  You will also be locked into the price of $99/month for the rest of the first year!

Yes! We believe in simplicity. We want to give full functionality to any size business. There are no hidden fees for number of users, number of leads or added functionality. The only variable cost we have is for additional SMS or Text Message as data rates will apply. As we add functionality to the program, our goal is to still maintain the same price. We are only successful if you are successful, so we are pricing our subscription with YOU in mind.

We want you to experience all that Perennial has to offer without the burden of paying first! This is not just a couple of features to toy around with. You have access to the entire program. You can run your entire business during the free trial! We encourage you to use as much as possible and we want to hear about your experience! If you like the program and want to continue, you simply enter your credit card at the end of the trial period.

If you are a part of the Initial Launch Promo, you will have 3 free months!  Unfortunately we are unable to extend the free trial past the 30 day.

We are focused on your success so we are here with you every step of the way. If you have a question, simply submit a support ticket or you can reach us on chat during normal business hours. We are here to talk about how to use features, new feature ideas, functionality issues, user experience problems and even how to run a business.

There are no long term contracts, so you may cancel at any time!

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